How to Cook the Perfect Bacon

bacon 2

Who doesn’t love crispy bacon? I certainly do. Unfortunately, the problem I found with cooking bacon in a small space, is that you tend to get grease everywhere even with a splatter screen and a vent hood. I find that afterwards, I’m wiping down not just the stove and counter-space, but the walls and railings as well. And, the smell lingers in the air for a long time. Because of those issues, I was largely discouraged from cooking bacon in my boat.

Then, a neighbor showed me a much better way to cook bacon without the grease splattering all over the stove-top. He lines a baking sheet with aluminum foil and cooks the bacon in the oven. No muss, no fuss! I was impressed.

The oven method may not be as practical if you’re cooking bacon for one (although I do), but it makes a lot of sense if you’re cooking for a crowd. Having said that, if it is for myself, I just cook a lot of bacon anyway which leaves me with leftover bacon. Never a bad thing as I can use the extra slices later for sandwiches, crumble on salads, scrambled eggs and even mixed into pancakes or waffles (yum!).

I’ve had some people tell me that you can cook bacon in the microwave. I’ve tried it, and it did get rid of the splatter issues. But, the bacon just wasn’t crispy enough and the taste wasn’t the same. I’ll opt for the oven.

To cook, I preheat the oven to 450° F, and line a baking sheet with aluminum foil. On top of the lined baking sheet, I place a wire rack and layer the bacon on top of that. Then, in the oven it goes for about 20 minutes, until it’s nice and crispy brown. Afterwards, I’ll remove the bacon and place on paper towels, although there is very little grease on the bacon if cooked on a wire rack.


Now I’m hungry, time for breakfast!


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